I think a formatted drive deleted 2 seperate OS

  Jaminator20 23:56 21 Apr 2017

Ok, so before you just say this is ridiculous and move on, i have something to say. Last year my grandfather wanted a mew computer so my mother convinced him to get a mac, since i was the onw with the technical knowhow it was my job to format his drive to make sure that 'noone could read his emails' (yeah old people i know). Nevetheless i went ahead and put his drive into my pc and formatted it, i also used Malwarebytes to scan all my drives immidiately afterwards just in case something had copied over or something, it came up clear so i took out granpa's hard drive and put it in a bag for about 7 months.

Fast foreward to yesterday when i finally dig out the drive because im running out of storage space and id rather save money. I install it and everything seems to go fine, i move a few files over from my two other drives (which i will now refer to as my boot (a small 60GB SSD) and my main (a 1TB HDD)) and bam! OS is corrupted. I only moved cache files so i dont know what i did at all but yeah ok fine. Since i actually got my main first (about a month before the boot) it had an OS installed on it, so i was like 'ok ill boot on the main drive and see if i can fix it' turns out i couldnt even open up anything cause my mouse quitted clicking as an ability. So i carefully tab and arrow-key my way aroundy files till i get to the boot drive and its completely f* so ive gotta format it, great.

So i format it and attemt to reinstall the origional OS that was on that drive: windows 8.1 (dont judge i got it cause it was cheaper than 7 and i wanted to do the free upgrade thing to 10) so i put in the disk, all starts up normal brings up the installation screenand o wait, thats the windows 7 logo. The operating system I NEVER INSTALLED EVER just pops up outta nowhere and proceeds to do a 'windows 7 recovery' where it formats all 3 of my drives and shuts down the computer.


I reboot and it just does the windows 7 recovery thing then shuts down. I dont know what happened, but im pretty sure that moving cache files for video games shouldnt result in the deletion of 2 operating systems on 2 hard drives as well as somehow create some formatting os in the form of windows 7 which i repeat i have never had installed ever on my pc.

I would like some help if anyone here could. I mean, the last two years of my life went in there i lost two books that i wrote. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated

And if you dont believe me, well i guess just dont believe me or something i dont know. Thanks for your time.

  Jaminator20 00:04 22 Apr 2017

P.S. sorry for the spelling mistakes, im tired and honestly quite lost now so just deal with that please

  lotvic 00:42 22 Apr 2017
  1. Get some sleep.

    1. Saturday go buy a new mouse.

    2. Take out the hard drive(s) that previously contained your Data (your books and personal files) etc. so that they do not get overwritten/anymore messed up.

    3. Only leave one hard drive in the pc, and install an OS on it. If you had W10 free upgrade it will be registered on Microsoft's server and you can install W10 as you will have a Digital Licence and will not need to use a product key. (if you need help with this part, to download a W10 OS from Microsoft post back and say so)

    4. Once that is working ok. you can add one of the other hard drives and explore its contents and use a free file recovery program to rescue your files. Before you start to try to recover your files, post back on here for more advice from us (yeah old people i know) LOL most of us are.

It will be Sat night before I'm back, but someone else will probably post further advice before then.

  wee eddie 00:44 22 Apr 2017

Wot no backup

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