I really need help! Its really important for mw?

  Bertyrobu 19:28 15 Oct 2015

Ok so what's happening to my pic is that from now and then sometimes I get this thing when my pic turns on but no display fan keeps makeing the sound as if it's turning on but it gets louder or it keeps makeing wired fan sounds. It kinda sounds as if it's not getting enough power so I was thinking it might be the power supply. If I turn it off then back on after some time it works fine so I'm not sure I would really love some help I had this problem for about a year and yet other people mentioned it but I never found an answer. Just to mentions all my pic parts are good I tried and changed the ram position to the one next to it but it didn't help but most of times the pic does turn on and it does work as it should there are no problems with the system by viruses nothing but it does the thing and doesn't turn on sometimes as it should this guy has something similar to my problem: click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:32 15 Oct 2015

Make / model laptop or desktop? Operating system?

does sound like PSU problem if a desktop PC.

Try going into BIOS (setup) and disabling "Quick start" or similar sounding setting. save and exit from BIOS.

  Bertyrobu 19:56 15 Oct 2015

It's a pc ill try do that

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