I no longer can access my (D:) drive

  akbarzab 01:05 06 Jan 2019

Hello as said on the title I no longer can access my (D:) drive. When i try to open a shortcut to a file located on the (D:) drive i receive this (click here How can i fix that ? Thanks

Disk Management : click here 10


  alanrwood 11:46 06 Jan 2019

Looks as though your second disk (D: I assume) has gone walkabout. as it is not even detected. Have a look in System/Device Manager/Disk Drives and see if it is there. I doubt it will be but worth a look.

If not open up your computer and check that the cables to the disk are seated properly at BOTH ends.

  akbarzab 14:04 06 Jan 2019

No it's not there. I've a laptop ^^

  wee eddie 15:02 06 Jan 2019

Just a thought: Was your "D" Drive a USB one that is not currently plugged in?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 06 Jan 2019

Make and model of laptop?

Assuming you have a 120GB SSD and a second HDD?

As alanwood suggested you may have to open the laptop and check the drive has not come loose.

  alanrwood 18:47 06 Jan 2019

OK so if it is a laptop does it have 2 different physical drives installed or is it one drive partitioned into 2 different partitions allocated C and D.

It would seem from the graphic that it is the former as the full drive 0 is shown.

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