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i need some help about rules.

  TechArena 07:44 20 Nov 2019

my previous ID has ban but i didn't know why. What i did wrong?

  x13 08:24 20 Nov 2019

I would send an email to the Forum Editor giving your old forum name and ask for help in the matter.

  mrgrumpy 09:32 20 Nov 2019

Hi tech arena , a couple of basic rules , you are not supposed to put click here links to spam/advertise a product. As i understand it you should only put a link to a product if a poster asks for a recomendation to solve a problem.

A few examples , can you tell me of a photo renamer product. I got rid of av program and cant get rid of leftovers , you could recomend a reg cleaner or put a link the the av's own removal tool.

Be careful what you say to individuals and in the speakers corner be cryptic without actually naming "some" people . Eg "a certain member of the royal family " .................

  Govan1x 10:53 20 Nov 2019

What was your old username and we can find out from that maybe.

  Govan1x 11:05 20 Nov 2019

We don't allow spammers on this site and that is more likely to be the reason that you were barred.

You will also have got the message to contact the forum editor if you thought that the ban was unjust.

The forum editor would have explained why you were barred and it would be up to him to unbar you if he thought that it was a genuine mistake.

  TechArena 12:23 21 Nov 2019

how to talk with forum editor?

  mrgrumpy 12:30 21 Nov 2019

go to bottom of this page and click contacts then at the bottom of the list of names click on the forum editors name and an email box will open up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 21 Nov 2019

how to talk with forum editor?

click here

  lotvic 20:18 24 Nov 2019

Forum rules. click here

Commercial use – You may not use our forum threads to solicit for trade, to offer goods or services for sale, or to advertise a business. It is permissible to post links to commercial websites in the course of providing advice and/or help to other forum users, or in our Web design forum when inviting other users to appraise and comment on your own site.

Spam – Using our forum facilities to send spam to other members or for publishing spam messages in threads is forbidden, and may result in termination of your registration without prior warning.

Forum Editor email to: [email protected]

  TechArena 05:48 02 Dec 2019

how to talk with forum editor?

  wee eddie 09:05 02 Dec 2019

TA: You need to read the T&Cs and then work it out for yourself.

To coin an acronym. It's PBO

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