I need help with my laptop and windows start up

  butch6865 23:27 07 Dec 2016

My laptop won't start up and asks me for administrative password that I do not know

  Archonar 08:40 08 Dec 2016

When you say it won't start up, do you mean it wont boot to windows or you get to the windows login screen and then it asks for an administrator's password?

  butch6865 16:35 08 Dec 2016

It won't boot to Windows. I'm going to try to borrow a cord so I can physically hook up to the Internet. Then I should be able to get to a restore point?

  Archonar 17:51 08 Dec 2016

That sounds to me like a BIOS password - A windows restore point won't help if the computer doesn't get to the windows login screen. Does anyone else have access to the pc?

  Burn-it 00:48 09 Dec 2016

Whether it is the BIOS password or the Windows password an internet connection will not help. It sounds to me as though it is starting with the Administrator account which means either he is selecting that as a choice in normal start up or it is starting in safe mode. In any case I'm not sure we should be supplying a work around as we cannot be sure of the intent and may be helping with fraudulent activity - which leaves the forum in a difficult legal position.

  butch6865 14:43 09 Dec 2016

Well thanks for trying y'all but I had to get a new laptop.

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