I keep getting "Windows detected a hard disk problem" but cant find one.

  JulieSmith 02:37 19 Oct 2014

I constantly get a window saying "windows detected a hard disk problem, back up immediately then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace disk. Back up your computer immediately and shut down your computer until you get problem resolved." I have ran Norton, scan disk,device manager, and no problems are found. I am really stupid when it comes to this stuff, my neighbor used to help me but she moved. If it helps, I have a toshiba sattelite with windows 7. It has froze up on me once last week,but other than that it runs fine except for the annoying 1/2 screen window with the big red x on it, I just close it and it will come back about every 10 minutes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 19 Oct 2014

Have you backed everything up to an external drive if not then do it now. Better safe than sorry.

Did you run the disk checker chkdsk /f with the /f extension to fix bad sectors?

START> Type "gpedit.msc" then enter. "Local Group Policy" windows appear. Click>>>> Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Trouble Shooting and Diagnostic\Disk Diagnostic: Configure custom alert text : Setting. "Disk Diagnostic" windows appear. Disable the state.... also .. Disk Diagnostic:D iagnostic execution level : Setting. "Disk Diagnostic" windows appear. Disable the state....

will switch off the notification if you are happy that your drive is good.

  lotvic 16:25 19 Oct 2014

It's telling you that it is the harddisk itself physically/mechanically that has the problem. Save all your data before the harddrive 'dies' on you.

  tomworz 22:54 21 Nov 2014

I have same problem on HP laptop. I tried backing up on external hard drive My passport but it says backup did not complete. Now what do I do?

  lotvic 21:49 23 Nov 2014

When I said 'save your data' I meant copy it (just ordinary select the folder(s), rightclick and choose Copy then on your external harddrive Paste it. If you are using a backup program it will complicate access if your internal harddrive dies on you and you have to reinstall an op sys from scratch.

An ordinary copy and paste method means the Documents can be read on any computer that you attach your external harddrive to.

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