I have just deleted the last month of incoming emails!

  Trenny 12:23 25 Apr 2014

I have just deleted the last month of incoming emails! Is there any way in which I can get them back? I have a bad hand tremor and can only think that the mouse clicked when it shouldn't have. I use windows mail and Vista

  rdave13 15:30 25 Apr 2014

Have you checked the 'deleted' folder? They might still be there.

  Trenny 09:40 26 Apr 2014

No, they aren't there. I have a bad hand tremor and think that I inadvertently selected a group and they went into the deleted folder and then deleted themselves. It was as if someone had taken over my pc. I wondered if I had a virus, but Malwarebytes didn't find any.

  Trenny 10:10 14 May 2014

Luckily I include the incoming message when I reply and I was able to retrieve most of the mail that way - and remember who I had been in touch with recently. I'll mark this thread as finished.

  Terry Brown 12:08 29 May 2014

As you are using Windows mail, you are possibly using Gmail,Virginmedia or similar as your service provider, try logging direct onto their website,and accessing the Email section, as they may still be on their server.

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