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I don't have W10, but Windows is trying to update?

  spuds 11:43 27 Nov 2015

A possible strange one here?.

I keep getting reminders to upgrade from W7 to W10, but haven't done so yet.

Yesterday and today, I have had messages that there are updates or even the download for W10 available. It then seems to go into automatic mode, in trying to download,with a 'failed' message.

I am not sure what might be going on, so can someone enlighten me, if they have an answer?.

  spuds 15:28 27 Nov 2015


  Govan1x 18:13 27 Nov 2015

Can only imagine you have windows updates set to in stall automatically. maybe set it to download updates but not to install them.

  spuds 10:42 28 Nov 2015

Govan1x - The automatic update facility is turned off, hence the mystery.

It would seem that W10 is trying to force itself on my computer, with 'time limited' messages urging me to download?.

  spuds 17:53 28 Nov 2015


I am open to any possible suggestions on the issue.

Considering what you have mentioned, there could be something in that. Previously, I had regular reminders to download W10, some seemed to suggest, that the download for W10 might discontinue. This is not happening now, but it seems to want to download W10 automatically.

I know a number of forum members have become knowledgeable on W10, from the download stages to updates, and was hoping that there might be an easy answer to the situation I have at present.

  spuds 01:08 29 Nov 2015


"As long as 10 isn't installing then you should carry on as is I think."

That is what I am doing, carry on as is that is.

The mystery is that on initial start-up, W10 attempts to download, then stalls.

Its more of a nuisance than anything else. The problem is, that I really do not want to install W10 on that particular W7 computer.

  pk46 11:38 29 Nov 2015

Go to windows update and on bottom left click installed updates and look for UPDATE KB3035583 AND UNISTALL IT REBOOT. On reboot click scan for updates KB3035583 WILL PRESNT itself again right click on it and select hide it won't bother you again. MS will do anything to push W10 down your thought it was dumped on my computer when it first came out I lost three days work had to do a full reinstall.

  spuds 12:42 29 Nov 2015


"MS will do anything to push W10 down your thought it was dumped on my computer when it first came out"

Sounds very familiar, and possibly the answer I am looking for.

  lotvic 15:09 29 Nov 2015

Don't get paranoid about MS, no firm can please everyone. If you don't want the W10 reminders and download, do what most have already done and uninstall KB3035583 and when it next presents itself - rightclick and Hide it click here

In order to make sure Windows doesn’t install KB3035583 again with the next round of updates, uncheck “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates”. This will make sure the update will be listed under the “Optional” updates and no longer automatically install.

If you want the update to disappear entirely, right-click the update and choose Hide Update in the contextual menu of the KB3035583 update. Now you should be be saved from the notifications

  mole1944 15:35 29 Nov 2015

Golden rule before updating to W10 is clone your drive then it's a simple drive swap not a complete reinstall,it's good practice anyway in case of drive frailer or virus infection.

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