I don't believe it - IE10 for Windows 7

  Pine Man 10:30 27 Feb 2013

As Victor Meldrew would have said "I don't believe it"!

I have just installed the final release of IE10 for Windows 7 and it certainly appears to be faster that both Firefox and Chrome AND, more importantly, it seems to load PCA pages much faster as well!!


  Chronos the 2nd 17:04 27 Feb 2013

I tried it some weeks ago but had a lot of problems with it. I do not know if the bugs have been sorted but I think I will give it a miss until I see more reviews.

  Forum Editor 11:35 28 Feb 2013

I've been so impressed with IE10 that I now use it as my default browser, instead of Chrome.

There are one or two very minor niggles, but in all other respects it's very good indeed.

  chub_tor 15:11 28 Feb 2013

Forum Editor

I'm also impressed with IE10 and have it as my default and I use it for everything except the PCA site where I fin it laggy and jerky. For PCA I still use Chrome.

  rdave13 23:13 28 Feb 2013

chub_tor , strangely enough, the other night, PCA site ran faster on IE10 Win 8. One moment it was opening pages slowly (blue circle) then bingo - pages loading faster. Thought it was the Towers had done something but FE said it wasn't their efforts. This happened before the new updates.

FE, sun still shining.

  Forum Editor 23:28 28 Feb 2013



  Woolwell 11:14 06 Mar 2013

Just installed IE10 on W7 and am impressed. PCA opened far faster than with Chrome.

  Number six 23:17 06 Mar 2013

Installed a couple of days ago - does seem a little faster than IE9.

There does not seem to be a separate 32 and 64 bit version, as was the case with IE9, even though files have installed in both Program Files and Program Files (X86) folders. Curious. Apparently in Win8 you can choose to enable either version. Anyone concur?

  Pine Man 07:00 07 Mar 2013

I have both the 32 and 64bit versions loaded.

  imustbemad 17:45 10 Mar 2013

if you do get problems with IE10 you can hit F9 and it will allow sites to run normally

  Nosmas 00:51 06 May 2013

I do not wish to 'hijack' his thread but would appreciate some advice from those of you who have updated/upgraded to IE10. I am running W7 Home Premium SP1 and IE8, with IE10 waiting in MS Updates to be installed. I did not install IE9 and hope I can go straight to IE10. My main concern is that I seem to recall reading somewhere that when installing (updating?) EITHER IE9 or IE10, one will lose the Favourites and History files. Can anyone confirm or refute this please? Also it has been suggested to me that IE9 is a pre-requisite to installing IE10 and therefore one cannot go straight form IE8 to IE10.

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