I can't understand computer active foroums

  Jwbjnwolf 08:26 23 Jun 2010

Does any one here have an account with computer active foroums because I am also part of computer active fourms as well as pc advicer and I only resently worked out how to start a new subject here but how do I even comment on over peoples probulems on computer active?
funny how I havnt been with pc advicer for as long as computer active.

  gengiscant 09:17 23 Jun 2010

Very simple jwarn (we meet again) You need to be registered with the Computeractive forums, then you need to log on with your user name and password.
You can then go to a post that you feel you might be able to help, click on it and the problem/question will open inside a box and underneath on the left hand side is a small blue box with 'post reply' inside. Click on that, another page will open in which you can post your reply.

  Jwbjnwolf 10:53 23 Jun 2010

Thank You
I Quickly looked there and I have how relised what exactly to do

  gengiscant 12:54 23 Jun 2010

Please tick as resolved. (bottem right hand corner)

  mfletch 18:05 24 Jun 2010

I will most likely see you over there,

Any problems just ask here or there.

  Jwbjnwolf 08:18 25 Jun 2010

What are You talking about?
I am only 15 and do not unerstand riddles

  gengiscant 08:21 25 Jun 2010

I think he means he also uses the Computeractive forum, hardly a riddle.

  Jwbjnwolf 08:23 25 Jun 2010

I've just emailed the model number to You

  mfletch 18:52 25 Jun 2010

Yes sorry for any confusion I do use CA and many other forums

  Jwbjnwolf 16:31 22 Oct 2010

Understand completely now
thanks all readers

  jakimo 19:07 22 Oct 2010

In your quest for further IT knowledge,the link below will help make your comments more easily understood

click here

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