I can`t recieve emails

  pherpo 16:35 17 Jul 2011

I have a desktop computer used by my wife and myself, we both have our own email addresses so friends can contact either of us independantly, and I can send and recieve emails to/from her. I have just bought my wife a laptop and router so she is wireless, but I am connected to the same router by cable. Friends can still contact either of us individually, but we cannot send or recieve emails to/from each other any more. We both use Incredimail. Has anyone any ideas as to what may be the problem?

  Forum Editor 22:41 17 Jul 2011

Presumably you have deleted your wife's mail account from the desktop machine, and set it up on the laptop?

Assuming that to be the case, what happens when you send her an email - are you saying that it bounces?

  pherpo 16:11 18 Jul 2011

Thanks Forum Editor, I hadn`t deleted her account from the desktop machine, I will do that and see what happens. For the record my emails to her and hers to me were not bounced, they just never arrived, presumably they are floating around in cyberspace. Thanks again for your responce.

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