I can't hear anything from my computer??

  Otto Ahola 14:31 19 Aug 2018

So i have a huge problem and i have tried to found the solution all day long but with no succeed so please help me guys. I have a Asus motherboard and that has realtek hd audio soundcard... when don't have any headphones or mics plugged in realtek hd audio management says that there is one mic connected in front of my case (nzxt s340). Then when i plug my headphones and mic to the back of the case it says still mic plugged in front of the case but it shows my mic and headphones are on the backside with is correct... ok thats the one problem here is the other one... windows says that my headphones are connected as speakers and plugged in with multiple cables somenthing like orange and black (subwoofer out and rear speaker and those things) i think thats why i cant hear anything or am i wrong? Please help me!!!!

  wee eddie 14:57 19 Aug 2018

This may be a stupid question. Are your Speakers plugged into the Mains?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 19 Aug 2018

do you have a mic / speaker socket at front?

if so it may be damaged internal and stuck in. - remove the front speaker header from the motherboard and retry. your motherboard manual will show you where the header is located on the motherboard.

  Otto Ahola 17:08 19 Aug 2018

Yes i have tried to plug my headphones to back and front but none of those are working. On my case there is mic and audio jack on the front too and that cant be broken. It has worked earlier but now not working on the back or on the front but when i plug my headphones to my monitor then everything works except the mic of course because there is no mic plug on my monitor. Im just trying to explain this easy as possible. When i open my audio settings there seems to be 5 different colour plugs going to the back (4 real there isnt single one) i just bought a 5$ usb audio card and i will try that if that doesnt work then i have to buy new motherboard. Thanks for answerin!!

  KEITH 1955 13:10 20 Aug 2018

I had problems with headphones and speakers after the windows creator update so try these steps. 1. Go to device manager/ sounds and mic tabs then right click and uninstall drivers even if they dont have a yellow triangle on them. Windows will reinstall them on restart. 2. In sounds/playback tab right click and disable the realtek digital output. just above the icon when using SPEAKERS you should see a green tick in the speaker icon , right click if missing. When you plug in your headphones the icon will go out and if you scroll down you will see a new one for headphones . when you swap between speakers and phones it takes a few seconds to find new device. 3. check properties tab on both headphones .... green jack highlighted and microphone pink jack. finally at bottom right corner where the speaker icon is change the tab to realtec high def audio , i have my volume at 50%

  Otto Ahola 13:14 20 Aug 2018

I just cant handle this so im not even trying i have deleted the drivers and all but it still keeps saying that my headphones are connected trough multiple ports.

  KEITH 1955 18:12 20 Aug 2018

in the sound settings have you got too many boxes ticked

  Otto Ahola 18:16 20 Aug 2018

What does that mean (ticked)... and what i have ticked there?

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