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I Can't connect to server.

  Tharaka Dhananjaya 10:03 05 Jun 2019

I have a dell laptop.sometime i can't connect to our server using from laptop default wifi adapter sometime i can connect to server using from external wifi adapter sometime can't.laptop all drivers and wifi adapter drivers completely installed.sometime i can connect to server using from both of this.our network other users always can connect to server they don't have this problem.please tell me what should i do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 05 Jun 2019

Look in device manager find your wireless adaptor (and tells what it is), right click and select properties - power management tab - ensure "Allow the computer to turn off...." is unticked - click ok. do the same for your external wireless adaptor as well.

see if that solves your problem

  prvtkhtr 14:49 09 Oct 2019

Try using VPN, sometimes it helps. A cheap one or even href vpn would do.

  alanrwood 15:25 09 Oct 2019

Has all the makings of a spam question and reply.

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