I cannot delete a spam mail

  Bearprint 15:43 15 Dec 2015

When I try to delete a certain spam-mail, it just says "Technical error - try to load site again after a few minutes. Error 14."

But I can see the "spam is empty"-screen for 1 second, so I know there's something tricky going on here. I tried deleting cookies and cache and restarting, but nothing.

Frustrating :( I have Yahoomail and Win 10.

  Pine Man 16:25 15 Dec 2015

This might sound a bit silly BUT are you sure it is an email?

I use Yahoo Mail and they have found a way of putting adverts into a list of your emails that look like an email and cannot be deleted. The way to check this is to delete all of the other emails from your inbox and if it is an advert it will disappear. If it remains then it probably is spam but I don't know why you cannot delete it.

  lotvic 21:13 15 Dec 2015

There are various ways to block them from appearing, depending on which browser etc you use, do a google search for 'yahoo email inbox adverts'

  Bearprint 07:49 16 Dec 2015

I switched to Basicmail on Yahoo, and now it works.

Now I just want to block all incoming "advertising-mails" in the future... Adblock works fine?

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