I can no longer move one Folder into another

  wee eddie 22:58 13 Mar 2018

See this Dropbox Screenshot Click here It says that the contents are open in another program, even after I have rebooted the PC.

I am running Windows 10

1]: [click here

  Gordon Freeman 10:13 14 Mar 2018

Could it be a problem connected with your 'My Porn' folder? :)

  wee eddie 10:48 14 Mar 2018

Well spotted but I would doubt it

  wee eddie 11:48 14 Mar 2018

Murphy's Law being what it is, about 20 minutes ago, it cured itself.

However, I shall leave the thread open. Just in case someone knows what caused it.

As far as I can comprehend, my PC thought that Word and Access Files, that I had been working on, remained open even though I had closed them in the normal manner.

Even a couple of reboots of the PC were insufficient to persuade it that it was incorrect

  alanrwood 12:30 14 Mar 2018

It was not in process of doing the Monthly Win 10 MS updates as there were updates for MS Office programs

  wee eddie 13:08 14 Mar 2018

I installed the Updates last night.

When I tried to move the Folders, first thing this morning, nothing had changed.

However, just after 11.30, I tried again, and they transferred into their new homes with no problem

  wee eddie 22:29 15 Mar 2018

Oh woe is me!

It's back. Seemed to work OK for a while, then I tried to change the Title of one of the Folders and a pop-up said that I couldn't because a Folder or File is open, when there is nothing in that Folder that has been opened in ages

  Gordon Freeman 09:12 16 Mar 2018

It's not got anything to do with any back-ups running, such as your NAS or other, has it? Might be worth checking.

I had a similar problem the other day with a USB pen drive which wouldn't eject as it was being used by 'another program'. Nothing else was running at the time [excel, word etc.].

I found out it was because of my NAS doing a scheduled back-up.

  wee eddie 09:45 16 Mar 2018

That's an idea. I've had problems with my back-up software lately. I shall turn off the NAS Drive and report back

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