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I am fed up with constant pop ups

  wotsitallabout 14:28 14 Sep 2016

"My trial has expired," and other rubbish, I am only flesh and blood. How do I get rid of this stuff on my Asus laptop windows 10 please. Regards

  Ventad 14:51 14 Sep 2016

The only way I have been able to get rid of them is download Adblock plus. But then to sign in I have to temporarily stop Adblock plus. What it looks like for me is that PCA is on the screen as A5 sheet which is over the top of an A4 sheet, and all around this border between the two is a whole mass of pop-ups.

Also there is an annoying pop on the top of the A5.

  Portal11 15:02 14 Sep 2016

Also look at DL a free program ive used for Many repairs and instalations called malwarebytes, its totally free if you want to pay for the better version my advice is dont as there is little difference, it will check for any nasties that are causing you to get popups, As Ventad stated if your using Firefox DL "Addblock plus" its totally can be used as Chrome as well...

  Portal11 15:03 14 Sep 2016

BTW here is the link click here

  wotsitallabout 11:19 26 Sep 2016

That is very kind of you both, I shall have a go. regards Alan

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