I accidentally uninstalled a vital program!

  Friday_29 23:02 12 May 2017

I accidentally uninstalled a very very important program.

Everyone tells me "Do a system restore". Well guess what? Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, turned off system restore on Windows 10. Therefore, that's not an option. Thank you very much Microsoft.

Now what? Please help!

  Friday_29 17:26 13 May 2017

this only happened three days ago so Windows.old should not have deleted it by now. Problem is I do not see a Windows.old file folder anywhere in my C Dr.

I do not do a regular image clone of my C Dr. No

  Pine Man 17:26 13 May 2017

That's a pity.

Just in case open Windows Explorer, highlight your C drive and enter windows.old in the search box at the top right of the window. Just in case it's somewhere else.

  Friday_29 17:40 13 May 2017

I did put windows.old in the search box in Windows Explorer, but then it tries to take me to a website and says website is not available?

Is that the wrong search box?

  Govan1x 19:56 13 May 2017

Open up file explorer.on the left hand side expand C Dive and if you have Windows old it will be on that list.

  Friday_29 20:03 13 May 2017

yeah, Windows.old is not on the list

  john bunyan 20:59 13 May 2017



After 30 days from updating from Windows 8.1 to windows 10 , the folder deletes. When did you install windows 10? The windows.old folder is not available if you have not updated from an earlier version. Please do use Macrium or similar to make images to an external HD to avoid a recurrence of this problem Was the lost programme a download- if so it may still be in a download folder . These can be in various locations depending on your filing system

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