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I accidentally uninstalled a vital program!

  Friday_29 23:02 12 May 2017

I accidentally uninstalled a very very important program.

Everyone tells me "Do a system restore". Well guess what? Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, turned off system restore on Windows 10. Therefore, that's not an option. Thank you very much Microsoft.

Now what? Please help!

  lotvic 23:49 12 May 2017

...and the program is...? obviously you haven't got the CD/DVD for it or you would have just reinstalled it, so where did you get it from, if you downloaded it check to see if you still have the .exe for it in your Downloads folder and then you can click on that and reinstall.

  Govan1x 09:58 13 May 2017

Maybe it is still in the recycle bin.

  Govan1x 10:05 13 May 2017

You could download the free version of Recuva to see if that finds it.

But beware as Piriform usually bundles there downloads with crapware.

I have personally not used it before but it is recommended by others.

  Friday_29 12:10 13 May 2017

I don't see how you respond to individual posts.

Anyway, I can't just reinstall the program because I made a series of custom edits over many months. I NEED to recover those custom edits!

Recycle bin seems to be empty. How is that possible when I haven't emptied it?

recuva does not help

any other suggestions?

  Pine Man 12:36 13 May 2017

Is your Windows 10 an upgrade to an older version?

If so you should have a folder called windows.old which will have your pre upgrade stuff in it.

  Friday_29 16:02 13 May 2017


my Windows 10 was an upgrade for Windows 8. Will I still have this folder?

Also, how do I find this "Windows.old" folder?

Thank you

  Pine Man 16:20 13 May 2017

It's still there unless you uninstalled it.

It is possible that it could be uninstalled for you after a certain period but you would have had a warning I'm sure

Look in your local disk C and you should see a folder called windows.old. Have a look inside and you may be lucky and find what you want.

  Friday_29 17:03 13 May 2017

how do I look in my local disk C?

  Friday_29 17:16 13 May 2017

okay, found local drive. C. Looked in there, I can't find Windows.old file folder

I see lots of window files, but not that one

  john bunyan 17:25 13 May 2017

Windows.old auto deletes in time. If you have no restore points , do you do a regular "image" or clone of C drive using a program like Macrium Reflect? If not , you may just have to reinstall the lost program from scratch .

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