Html5 won't play on WinXp

  Guest 1234512645 16:24 23 Mar 2018

How to intall html5 support on Windows XP? I can't find primetime html5 content decryption module on Internet

  alanrwood 19:20 23 Mar 2018

HTML5 is not built into the operating system as I understand it. It is built into the browser. Try downloading a modern browser and hopefully it should work.

  Guest 1234512645 20:12 23 Mar 2018

I know.But unfortunately Mozilla doesn't update their browsers for WinXp, so I have to use old version. And I wonder if there any other option how to make it play html5?

  alanrwood 10:14 24 Mar 2018

Try installing another browser. Do a Google search for browsers compatible with Windows XP or consider updating from XP to a later version of Windows or matbe try Linux.

  [DELETED] 17:38 24 Mar 2018

Might be worth downloading a portable browser to a flash drive and trying that.

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