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HP System Recovery Two Disks or Three

  OldRed 01:08 04 Jun 2016

My HP PX624AA XP Pro 2005 Media Centre Photosmart PC which has been a joy to use this last ten years recently started playing up. Since XP has not been supported I have been trying out different browsers installing and uninstalling which has led to programs not responding so decided to use the system recovery using the two disks that I created when the PC was new and was talked through the process by HP on the telephone with some other queries I had under warranty.

So I started with disk 1 and had two choices and decided to reformat the Hard Drive for a clean install, some twenty minutes in and 14% showing a error box informed me that it could not find file c:\1386\Drv\APP17311\src\CTShared\ShareDLL\AudPlug\CTNvfFlt.dll and so instead of aborting clicked on ignore to carry on but then this happened about ten times with same file heading but second half of file different name.

Eventually disk 1 stopped and was asked to load disk 2 and I thought after that had finished I would be looking for the missing files but instead when disk 2 finished it asked for disk 3. Disk 3 where the hell does disk 3 come from. The HP advisor definitely told me to get 2 DVDs ready and so did the pc and even online it still states 2 disks are needed. Now the PC is knacked for the use of a better word, all I have is a faulty disk 1 and no disk 3 so it looks like back to factory settings is out of the question for me because all these years I have kept my PC as original as was possible and used the HP software that came installed.

I would appreciate any idea's on this matter OldRed

  OldRed 14:22 07 Oct 2016

Hi all, with regards to the registry hack to get windows updates on Windows XP as suggested by lotvic. On creating the .reg file onto my desktop when I checked the registry for the HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady folder in which to paste the file found that I did not have the POSReady folder installed and wondered if anybody else had experienced this problem and how to proceed if it's possible. All help appreciated.

  lotvic 17:49 07 Oct 2016

It's not there because you haven't installed it... The XP.reg file you've just created IS the PosReady folder. Doubleclick on the XP.reg file and it will install itself into the registry.

If you are still unsure Go back and carefully read the instructions: click here

  lotvic 17:57 07 Oct 2016

ps: You don't paste into the Registry, You copy and paste the text from the link into a text file and then save it as XP.reg file Rightclick the XP.reg file you've created on the desktop and choose 'edit' then copy & paste the following into it and save:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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