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HP System Recovery Two Disks or Three

  OldRed 01:08 04 Jun 2016

My HP PX624AA XP Pro 2005 Media Centre Photosmart PC which has been a joy to use this last ten years recently started playing up. Since XP has not been supported I have been trying out different browsers installing and uninstalling which has led to programs not responding so decided to use the system recovery using the two disks that I created when the PC was new and was talked through the process by HP on the telephone with some other queries I had under warranty.

So I started with disk 1 and had two choices and decided to reformat the Hard Drive for a clean install, some twenty minutes in and 14% showing a error box informed me that it could not find file c:\1386\Drv\APP17311\src\CTShared\ShareDLL\AudPlug\CTNvfFlt.dll and so instead of aborting clicked on ignore to carry on but then this happened about ten times with same file heading but second half of file different name.

Eventually disk 1 stopped and was asked to load disk 2 and I thought after that had finished I would be looking for the missing files but instead when disk 2 finished it asked for disk 3. Disk 3 where the hell does disk 3 come from. The HP advisor definitely told me to get 2 DVDs ready and so did the pc and even online it still states 2 disks are needed. Now the PC is knacked for the use of a better word, all I have is a faulty disk 1 and no disk 3 so it looks like back to factory settings is out of the question for me because all these years I have kept my PC as original as was possible and used the HP software that came installed.

I would appreciate any idea's on this matter OldRed

  lotvic 17:51 09 Jul 2016

Should have warned you that the SP3 d/load is about 550MB (half a GB)

Also: here's how to do a simple reg hack to enable updates for Windows XP -- until 2019 click here

  OldRed 00:20 11 Jul 2016

Thanks to both lotvic & Fruit Bat for your help but before downloading and installing Windows SP3 I need to make myself safe on the Internet by finding a browser that I can run on both XP & Vista so that I can visit Norton to download my Norton Security. Since reinstalling XP I'm back to IE6 that's not functioning and on my Vista laptop I'm using Chrome with a warning it's not supported. Trying to find and install the same browser for both machines is where the problems started in the first place, I was quite happy running Chrome until its withdrawal and was looking for something that's not complicated, so at moment I'm mostly working from my old iPad 2 searching for all this info. Regards

  lotvic 01:35 11 Jul 2016

the lowdown for Windows XP and Vista users for what browsers are, and aren’t, supported: click here with links on the page for the various browsers

  OldRed 12:33 24 Jul 2016

Thanks to all who contributed with the problem I had , after installing XP sp3 ran into another problem in that on start up it kept re-booting before Windows loaded which turns out to be a problem with AMD processors. Luckily l downloaded and printed off a lot of HP information over the years regarding my model PC and this was one of them which was an easy fix also found on a external hard drive that I now use for backing up photos with a folder with lots of HP updates and other material related to my PC that I thought were lost, just got to sift through it and google what each file name is. There's still a lot to do as it's very basic at the moment and have got to start adding the hardware that I had to disconnect for the recovery process and sort out a browser that works on XP but for now thanks for the forums help.

  lotvic 16:51 25 Jul 2016

Thanks for the update, I was wondering how it was progressing :)

  OldRed 01:31 27 Aug 2016

Hi all, since my last post things have slowed down with one thing or another, installing a browser like I was used too has been disappointing, the only one that seems to work on windows xp is Opera version 36 which does not support toolbars or Norton identity Safe that I have been used to and so have found this disappointing as its quite basic and limiting and have spent too much time looking for a better browser.Also since re-installing windows xp lotvic suggested I look into a simple reg hack to eneable updates until 2019 and have created the Windows Registry File onto my desktop. the next step is to edit this file and copy and paste into HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady but my problem is that I don't have the PosReady part of the file in the registry.So if anyone has any ideas please feel free to chip in . Regards OldRed.

  robin_x 14:00 27 Aug 2016

Firefox is still OK if you have XP SP2 or SP3.

And I see there's now an unofficial SP4 (3.1b) that looks good for you

  OldRed 12:36 30 Aug 2016

Hello, Thanks robin_x for you reply I have used Firefox before although quite a while back, which ever I choose I want to be able to use on my vista laptop and the XP desktop. As I remember didn't Hikget on that well with it but will look at it again because am not too happy with Opera. Regarding xp4 it's very tempting but the reviews are sparse but mixed and from what I have read it might solve my PosReady problem. Feel a little out of my comfort zone at moment in changing registry files and also installing this unknown xp4 update, this has given me other ideas and may start another post to see if it's possible. Regards, OldRed

  robin_x 20:54 30 Aug 2016

If you Create a Restore point(s), you can use them to undo registry changes and installs of software.

Click Start / Run and type rstrui.exe

  robin_x 20:55 30 Aug 2016

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