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HP System Recovery Two Disks or Three

  OldRed 01:08 04 Jun 2016

My HP PX624AA XP Pro 2005 Media Centre Photosmart PC which has been a joy to use this last ten years recently started playing up. Since XP has not been supported I have been trying out different browsers installing and uninstalling which has led to programs not responding so decided to use the system recovery using the two disks that I created when the PC was new and was talked through the process by HP on the telephone with some other queries I had under warranty.

So I started with disk 1 and had two choices and decided to reformat the Hard Drive for a clean install, some twenty minutes in and 14% showing a error box informed me that it could not find file c:\1386\Drv\APP17311\src\CTShared\ShareDLL\AudPlug\CTNvfFlt.dll and so instead of aborting clicked on ignore to carry on but then this happened about ten times with same file heading but second half of file different name.

Eventually disk 1 stopped and was asked to load disk 2 and I thought after that had finished I would be looking for the missing files but instead when disk 2 finished it asked for disk 3. Disk 3 where the hell does disk 3 come from. The HP advisor definitely told me to get 2 DVDs ready and so did the pc and even online it still states 2 disks are needed. Now the PC is knacked for the use of a better word, all I have is a faulty disk 1 and no disk 3 so it looks like back to factory settings is out of the question for me because all these years I have kept my PC as original as was possible and used the HP software that came installed.

I would appreciate any idea's on this matter OldRed

  lotvic 14:44 04 Jun 2016

If you only formatted C: partition, you may still have a hidden factory restore partition on your hard drive. Restart your pc and continually tap F11 (about every 1 second) and see if it brings up a menu screen.

  lotvic 15:00 04 Jun 2016

Another thought: You have to 'strip down' to the original hardware, take out any extras you have added - harddrives and cards and unplug stuff from the usb ports etc before you start a reinstall. If you didn't then that might be why you have a missing dll message.

There are other options to try so don't give up, I've got an old Dell on xp mce, and dell and hp use the same dvd setup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:02 04 Jun 2016

As XP is no longer supported, I suggest now that you have formatted the drive you install a version of linux on the machine.

  OldRed 20:17 04 Jun 2016

Thanks lotvic & Fruit Bat for your info, regarding the formatting it was the recovery partition that was formatted making it worse, I cannot believe how hasty I was normally I would be a month planning and deciding how to tackle it but had a moment of madness and realised straight away what I'd done but once it had started could not stop it. I think lotvic that you are maybe right regarding 'strip down' and should have known this and had I got this mystery disk 3 could well run the recovery disks again in strip down but as is could not get past disk 2. The documentation I had stated that I needed two dvd's & label them 1&2 and the HP advisor I spoke with at the time confirmed this also had it needed more disks I would not have been able to continue . Although I would be disappointed not to get back to factory settings would downloading a XP iso image work and as for installing Linux I would have to research this as know nothing about it. Regards OldRed

  lotvic 23:04 04 Jun 2016

Shame you deleted all the partitions and remade the whole drive into one partition and then formatted it. That is what you did? Is there any hope that you didn't actually delete the hidden partitions?

Try starting the install again from your 2 dvds, this time doing the 'strip down' of hardware first. (State obvious: switch on, put dvd 1 in and to shut down pc hold in power button for 10 secs or longer till pc powers down then restart pc)

Be careful of where you d/load an OEM iso image. You would also need a product key if it's not a HP or Dell oem XP. You may not be able to find a trustworthy 'clean' XP MCE 2005 iso. If you run into difficulties PM me (click on the green icon to left of my name) and I'll have a look in my box for the DVD I slipstreamed with SP3 (for free - it's not allowed on forum any other way - I'm still fond of XP although am on new pc using W7 now and shortly will be trying W10 out on a separate harddrive :))

You can use a Dell XP dvd on a HP pc as they use a 'Royalty' key and SLP1 table in bios so they are pre-activated. (the install checks with table in bios for genuine install and if passes the check then no product key is asked for during the install - if doesn't find a key match then the install will behave like an ordinary OEM install and will ask for a product key to be input).

  sharpamat 07:48 05 Jun 2016

all Hps have available at a charge a set of recovery discs may be worth a look on HPs site

  OldRed 12:14 14 Jun 2016

Hi All , Sorry but due to health issues have not been able to resolve the problem with my PC but hopefully will try what lotvic suggested stripping back when I can. Also I had searched my model number on the HP site before posting and mine is not supported anymore, regarding updating to Windows 10 would I not have to purchase another licence which would not be cost affective. Thank you all for input and will post ASAP. Regards OldRed.

  OldRed 02:08 09 Jul 2016

Hi All especially lotvic, Latest news is I have stripped back and had to load disk 1 and restart PC with disk in drive and it recovered back to factory setting from the two disks without any problems. On completion I noticed that the partition had changed slightly, before recovery C:// Drive total 225GB free 217 GB & D:// Recovery Drive total 6.95GB with 2.05 GB free and after recovery C:// 227.00 total with 217GB free and D:// Recovery Drive now 5.0GB total with 380MB free. Problems I now have is to try to update Windows XP & HP with any later drivers I can find and service pack 3 and am desperate for a compatible browser to run on XP and vista as I am also struggling with the browser on my vista laptop, must also mention just how bare my PC now is and cannot remember it being like this in 2005. ( getting old) I am interested in what helendia said wondering how she upgrade from XP to windows10 using a clean install ? Any help or guidance will be appreciated. Regards OldRed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 09 Jul 2016

You can create a windows 10 DVD / USB install tool click here win 10 is not a free upgrade for XP users and will cost you £99 to activate it.


  lotvic 17:33 09 Jul 2016

You can d/load Windows XP Service Pack 3 CD from snapfiles click here then burn the .iso to a CD using imgburn or similar. Put CD in and it will autorun and then ask you to click to continue to install SP3 etc.

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