HP printer and scanner wont work on windows 10.

  Terry Riley 14:41 24 Apr 2017

Got a new pc with windows 10 pro. My old HP laserjet 1100 printer and Scanjet 3400C flatbed scanner wont work though. Is there a free fix for these or do they go the recyling. Thanks

  Archonar 15:36 24 Apr 2017

The printer may work, look at the table here (you may need to check the model number): click here

The scanner will most likely not work: click here

  Forum Editor 16:15 24 Apr 2017

Your scanner is not supported in Windows 10. I think the scanner was first released over fifteen years ago, so I'm not really surprised.

The news might be better as far as the printer is concerned - as Archonar says. There may be a Windows update that provides a driver. The accent is on 'may be' however - you'll need to check at Archonar's link.

  wee eddie 16:32 24 Apr 2017

Terry: Do what I did when I had a very fast SCSI Scanner. Windows and a new PC left it way behind.

I stuck the old PC, with the Scanner, in the loft and only turn it on when I need to do a Scan. Plenty of Memory Sticks around to handle the files.

It eventually died, a few years back, but had had about another 8 years of productive life

  BRYNIT 17:22 24 Apr 2017

Windows 10 should automatically install drivers for the HP Laserjet 1100 printer it did on my computer. Try starting the computer with the printer connected and switched on or right click on start/control panel/devices and printers and select add a new printer.

  Forum Editor 22:42 24 Apr 2017

HP has definitely not released a Windows 10 driver for this printer, but in the past some people found that installing a Windows 7 driver got the printer working in compatibility mode.

My information is that this will not work in the current, fully updated version of Windows 10 however, although I could be wrong. It's worth a try.

  Terry Riley 09:38 27 Apr 2017

Thanks everyone, the printer is now working just by restarting the PC. As for the scanner think i'll do what WeeEddie says, seems a shame to chuck it away when it works so well. I don't use it that often so seems the sensible thing to do. Thanks again guys.

  Jollyjohn 11:07 27 Apr 2017

Try Vuescan - click here - I know it is a W7 driver but I have used it on W10.

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