HP laptop HD with four partitions

  conrail 23:08 17 Dec 2014

laptop running win 8.1, under disc management the hd is divided into 4 partions; 1) 400 MB Healthy (recovery partition); 2) 260 MB Healthy (EFI system partition); 3) 912.39 GB NTFS Healthy (boot, page file, crash dump, primary partition)- C drive; 4) 18.35 GB NTFS Healthy (OEM partition)- D drive; 1 & 2 don't have a drive letter assigned, what are the first two partitions and can I use them? ie format and /or merge them. all help and advice appreciated

  BRYNIT 00:06 18 Dec 2014

My thoughts are leave them alone as altering any partitions may prevent the recovery program from working.

I think the first partition will have the recovery program that would allow you to restore the computer back to factory default or possibly rectify other problems without using the recovery disk/usb which you should have created.

The second partition may have the system boot files. Without these the computer will not boot into windows. The reason they do not have a drive letter is to hide them preventing anyone from deleting, altering the files or filling up the partitions.

The last partition may have the recovery files that the first partition would need.

If I'm wrong some one will correct me.

  rdave13 10:08 18 Dec 2014

This is an EFI system with GPT disk. I'm still learning myself so if I'm corrected then that's fine. Disk management won't show all your partitions. For example the partition not showing for you is the MSR.

The first partition is for Hal and loaders (WinRe), so it's needed for booting. Second partition is for EFI information. Hidden MSR is reserved space for the OS and GPT must have this partition. Then the C drive then you have the D drive.

Strangely I have an extra partition between C and D drive which shows as recovery partition. Possibly a slightly different recovery set-up for the D drive.

Interesting read here, click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 18 Dec 2014

As stated above - it fine don't mess with it EFI and Recovery partitions are required and will not be lettered but tools section will show up as x drive if using the advanced options for recovery purposes.

  conrail 21:19 18 Dec 2014

thank you BRYNIT,rdave13 & Fruit Bat /\0/\ you have been a great help, explaining clearly, I appreciate you advice, again many thanks

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