HP iPAQ 110 with Windows 7 ?

  OliverWD 14:14 13 Jan 2012

Having upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, I am disappointed to discover that there appears to be no upgrade for ActiveSync software to make an HP iPAQ 110 compatable with Outlook.

Is there a way I can syncronise the iPAQ with Outlook, or do I have to purchse a new PDA? Advice should be appreciated.

Oliver WDHP

  difarn 14:40 13 Jan 2012

Windows 7 has Windows Mobile Device Centre which may help - have a look at this article.

Found this on a blog if it helps:-

"Easy way to connect without any activesync software is: on your iPAQ,

go to your setting menu, select connections, select "activesync mode", change the connection type from RNDIS Sync Mode to "USB Serial Sync Mode.

Use your iPAQ to PC interface cable with USB end connector and just connect straight to your PC. Follow the instructions that follow in order to connect. You will get an interface window which allows you to connect to your iPAQ. This is the best way yet"

  OliverWD 13:05 14 Jan 2012

I appreciated your detailed reply and it is with regret that my PDA (HP iPAQ 110) does not have available all the options listed in the blog, but I did appreciate your thoughfullness. Back to 'square one'!

  difarn 22:41 21 Jan 2012

Found this on another blog

"Well, I decided to do a soft reset of my iPAQ and, wouldn't ya know, everything is syncing with both my laptop and desktop computers. It walked me through the ActiveSync setup process again for both computers and even my email, which had long since stopped syncing, is now syncing"

Here is the link on how to soft reset.

Hope this is more fruitful.

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