HP driver Sercscan.sys and Windows 10

  Salamander7 17:32 04 Oct 2017

I am at my wits end with this issue so any help would be gratefully received. After 3 years of problem free operation my HP 3050A suddenly refused to print from my Toshiba Satellite lap top giving error message "printer not available". I guess during the many Windows 10 updates changes were made which upset the HP software. 1. Uninstalled and re-installed the latest driver but half way through the installation dialogue a box pops up asking for The File sercscan.sys which is located in C:\Windows \INF. I ignored this by pressing cancel and the installation continued until it finally said it was unable to complete the installation. I tried installing both using WiFi and using the USB cable but to no effect still the same error. 2. I have searched the C Drive to try to locate the missing file to no avail and though there is stuff on line it seems to focus on Windows XP and Vista. I believe the file system in Windows 10 is different from Xp and Vista. 3. I have a Windows desk top which is cwirelessly connected to the HP 3050A and this seems to work ok. I wonder if it has simply not had the latest Windows update as it is not used as much as the laptop. Please Please can anyone help? Could you just suggest how to find serscan.sys. If it is any help I have a USB drive containing the original Windows though they are Windows 8. Of course I have tried looking on this as well. Maybe I just dont know how to search for the missing file?

  Govan1x 17:46 04 Oct 2017

Not sure if you have tried control panel printers to make sure that the proper printer is the default one that you use.

Maybe try HP for the latest driver and software update for your model.

Of course if you have tried those before maybe delete the driver make sure you are connected using the USB cable then reboot the laptop.

Microsoft should jump in and update the drivers for you, it might take 5 or 10 minutes to finish scanning.

Something to try till someone can give you proper information.

  Salamander7 18:00 04 Oct 2017

Thank you for trying to help :). I have tried the solutions that HP have on offere short of paying for telephone support which eye wateringly expensive. Microsoft appear to blame this on HP and HP dont seem to have any clear strategy. I guess I need someone who knows their way about the Win 10 file system to help me uncover the missing file. Alternatively maybe know where it can be downloaded from. Again, thank you for trying to help.

  BRYNIT 18:12 04 Oct 2017

You could try the HP All-in-one printer remote app from Windows 10 store this has helped me when I couldn't find a solution when installing HP printer drivers.

  Salamander7 18:14 04 Oct 2017

Hmm I Dont think I have tried that yet. I'll give it a go and report back. Thanks for the idea.

  Salamander7 18:43 04 Oct 2017

Yeah I tried that but no joy. It gets to the bit when printer is installing then it realises it is taking too long so tells me to go to settings add printer where we find the printer is listed but with the message "driver Unavailable". So back to square one.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:00 05 Oct 2017

I have a Windows desk top which is cwirelessly connected to the HP 3050A and this seems to work ok.

If that PC is also running Windows 10 then do a search for serscan.sys, and if found, copy it to a USB stick. Please make sure you get the spelling right. The file is likely to be in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder. When the installation halts with that error you can then point it to the file on your USB.

Having said, serscan.sys is a Microsoft Windows driver for scanning so printing should still work even though you get that error.

Another thing to try is to uninstall the printer completely, restart the computer by choosing Restart from the Power menu, then plug it in and see if Windows loads its own print and scan drivers.

  Salamander7 12:07 05 Oct 2017

Thanks for the reply Secret SQuirrel. I will certainly try your ideas. The Serscan.sys seems vital to the HP software because although it all loads nicely without the Serscan.sys file the printer will not work. When I checked on Device Manager the Printer is listed but it says no driver installed and asks to search for one. Of course it never finds anything. I will have a look on the other Win 10 machine but I am not optimistic of finding it. Last night I found a copy of Serscan.sys on the net and tried to load the HP driver software by directing it to the copy of the file I put on a desktop folder. It appeared to work with HP softwear accepting it etc but then Windows popped up a notice that the file was not digitally signed so it was blocking it. I found the printer was once again installed but had no driver!!!! I have a machine that runs XP. Do you think it would work if I found the file there, copied it and directed HP installer to find it? Before all that I will try just deleting everything and see if windows loads some kind of drivers.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:01 05 Oct 2017

Thanks for the info.

I have a machine that runs XP. Do you think it would work if I found the file there, copied it and directed HP installer to find it?

That worries me and I can't recommend it. Copying a device driver written for XP to your Windows 10 PC has the potential to destabilise it.

I've since discovered that my hunch in paragraph four of my previous post may work. According to HP, your printer model should work using Windows 10's built-in drivers. Functionality may be limited but at least you'll be able to print stuff. Try my suggestion but first have a look at "Step 1" here to make sure your Windows 10 settings are correct. On detecting the printer windows should download the drivers for it from Microsoft.

  Salamander7 16:14 05 Oct 2017

Hi Secret Squirrel I tried to do the install with just the Windows drivers. I followed the instructions from the link but guess what? When I tried to install the printer I got the message "Driver Unavailable". So I am stuck.

  Salamander7 17:52 05 Oct 2017

I also got Windows to search for drivers but my printer was not listed HP Deskjet 3050A. I will now go to the desktop and try to find the missing file. Any tips on how to go about this?

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