HP 1020 Laser Printer

  keith mac 22:02 28 Aug 2008

I've looked in the archives for help but to no avail.

I have an HP 1020 Laserjet printer which used to work just fine until early this summer. Then I began to notice 'dirty' patches on the paper which I thought was just that.

Later I noticed that some of the 'dirty' areas were actually faint text and now I find that on an A4 print there is a 'ghost' as well as the main print. The ghost appears about half way down the page and is readable albeit fainter than the main text. I have run the HP cleaning utility without improvement.

I tried downloading a driver from HP but that wiped everything from the printers folder and I had to revert to an earlier Restore Point. Perhaps I should have uninstalled the original driver first?

Suggestions please? I couldn't find anything relevant on the HP website.

  ajm 00:55 30 Aug 2008

It may seem that the drum has reached its duty life and needs replacing. As the HP1020 has a combined toner/drum, you will need to get a new toner.

May work out cheaper getting a new laser printer than replacing the toner/drum

  keith mac 08:10 30 Aug 2008

thanks ajm The printer has had only a small amount of occasional use so if that's my problem it's not done very well.

It is, however, the original toner/drum supplied with the new printer so I guess it was a limited-life one akin to the partially-filled cartridges often supplied with inkjet printers.

The printer cost me 36 quid so, as you say, it could be more cost effective to buy another cheap laser printer - or even a cheapish colour laser?

I've also got an old-but-good HP 6L Laserjet with a near-new toner but the printer has a parallel plug and if I bought a USB to parallel cable, would I find a suitable driver for Vista?

Any further thoughts?

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