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How to wipe a Sony Vaio hard drive

  laptopdunce 22:20 12 Jul 2017

I can't do it with CCleaner, have decided to wipe my old Sony Vaio windows 7 laptop and sell it on ebay, I was trying to use CCleaner on the drive wipe but it wont let me go ahead, it says Acess denied when I click on both the "free space only" or the whole of Cdrive, (I have 4 DVD recovery disks made for this machine when it was new, I was going to do the 3 overwrite passes (afterhaving take off any photos/docs that I want to keep) but it simply wont let me wipe the drive, there are two drives showing in the CCleaner wipe page, C local and microsoft click to run office only the click to run office drive will let me put a tick in the box next to it but it still comes up with "access denied" when i try to run the cleander - How can I get the HD wiped on this laptop as I have jsut listed it on ebay for ending when I come back with this laptop next week!! thanks laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 22:34 12 Jul 2017

I suggest that you take a look at this.

  laptopdunce 23:19 12 Jul 2017

What I have done so far is to go into the F10 on start up and done the return to factory settings, I hope this will be secure enough to have removed bank details and personal numbers etc? suitable for selling this laptop on - its already got watchers on it, I started it at £30. After the success of the HD into the Caddy from the W8 laptop I was thinking of taking the HD out of this Sony Vaio 500gb to put in a caddy but I dont really any more external drives. thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 23:43 12 Jul 2017

OK thanks I am going to try that Dban programme, downloaded from another computer and saved to a USB stick and then try and boot the Sony Vaio W7 from that, it has already been set to factory default from the F10 recovery system. will wait till romorrow now, been at this for HOURS now, thnaks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 00:07 13 Jul 2017

number 4, HDDErase looks a good programme to use, can I install this when the Sony W7 laptop is back to factory settings and then just let it run from the downloaded programme? or what programme would you suggest? some of them look very simple and others look inordinately complex, number 8, the Macrorit Data Wiper looks good because you operate it from the computer you have downloaded it to?? thanks Laptopducne

  laptopdunce 07:38 13 Jul 2017

TYPICAL!!! i went and downloaded the nr: 9 Macrorit data wiper into the Sony Vaio W7 laptop and it all went OK, thinking that this is a programme that saves to documents and I can simply use it to wipe the drive (do I use free space in the drive only?) and do it all in one go, the page comes up as shown in the link, the updates show it is the latest version but the button for "wipe now" just will not work, Can you tell me of a programme that WILL work, spent ages messing about with this rotten thing, this is the trouble with all these so called "free" things, they are never work!! only prompt you to buy the expensive one!! They should build in a total drive wiper in all computers for when they need to be recycled!! This is why I DESPISE computers, they are IMPOSSIBLE the whole "infrastructure" around them is totally rigged against the user. Laptopdunce

  hastelloy 09:02 13 Jul 2017

I suggest you print out the information given in FE's link and then follow it. I've don this many times and it's very effective.

  laptopdunce 09:25 13 Jul 2017

which programme did you use? I have downloaded the Macrorit data wiper and it has installed properly, it is just that it simply wont work! I dont want to keep downloading all the 43 programmes and spending useless hours on this if they are all not going to work. There must be a simple one that does work?? I have read the link properly that the FE sent, and downloaded one of the programmes which simply doesnt work, telling me to read the full link is not the answer!!! laptopdunce need a programme that WORKS.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 13 Jul 2017

  1. Burn DBAN ( Boot and Nuke )to CD or USB - Tutorial here

  2. Boot from the disk / USb and wipe the drive using that.

  3. Install windows from your restore disks.

  4. sell the laptop with confidence that there is nothing left.

  laptopdunce 18:37 13 Jul 2017

Hi, I have done that, downloaded it to a USB stick on another computer then put the stick in the Sony laptop and burned a DVD disk with it, it HAS booted to the blue screen of Dban and I followed the instructions and started it, it is currently on a page that says (two windows at the top saying options and statistics) then a big window underneath saying "disks and partitions" then ATA disk Toshiba with a serial number, and options at the bottom, Ah, I have just pressed the space bar and then a flashing (nuke) in brackets started flashing so I pressed the F10 key and now it is starting a 3 strike wipe (I think) so I guess it is working? I dont know how long this will take, I guess I have to load the recovery DVD's when it is all finished (there are 4 of them) and reboot it from number 1 disk and so on?? thanks Laptopducne

  laptopdunce 18:46 13 Jul 2017

WOW, het zei dat het wordt 8 uur nog met de Nuke!!

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