How to use recovery/backup disk -Windows 8? A step-by-step instructions,please?

  GloriaM 14:55 15 Jun 2014

How to use recovery/backup disk -Windows 8

I’m trying to find user friendly, step-by-step instruction how to use backup disk with Windows 8 on it burned on USB stick. I need to reload and start the whole Windows 8 system the way it was when the computer was brand new.

Did search on web - there are variety of instructions but with lots of tech. jargon, intricate arrangements with BIOS tweaking, entering command lines, etc. which is daunting for an ordinary PC user like me. (Strangely, Mac users can reload and restart their whole system very easily with just a couple of clicks.)

My big question is: Could someone with practical experience, please, help me with a step-by-step, plain English exact instruction on how to reload Windows 8 from the USB backup stick, from inserting it into the computer to the very last step?

My PC is a laptop Toshiba, about 1 yr. old.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is so kind to help me.

  BRYNIT 15:25 15 Jun 2014

Most laptops come with an instructions manual supplied to tell how to use the recovery disk/usb and usually how to do a factory restore from the recovery partition already on the laptop without the recovery disk/usb. If you cannot find the instructions on the laptop you can download them from the Toshiba website.

  rdave13 18:48 15 Jun 2014

Have a look here . Note the Win 8 or Win 8.1 options only work if you can boot to windows, otherwise follow the instructions.

  GloriaM 03:20 22 Jun 2014

Thanks a lot rdave13 but I need some extra info , please:

I went to the Toshiba link and they say: “You may still use your Recovery Disks to reinstall…”

But my laptop comes without any disks.

  1. Does it mean that I have to burn my own startup disk on USB stick or CD?

  2. You say “Win 8 or Win 8.1 options only work if you can boot to windows”. I can’t understand what the words “ if you can boot to windows” mean exactly..sorry I am not very good a techie .

Will be gratefull if I get that extra info. Thanks in advance!

  rdave13 14:21 22 Jun 2014

DVD recovery discs

USB recovery

I think you'll only be allowed either or. You will definitely need to burn a recovery media. Very important to do it before attempting any reinstallation/recovery.

Booting to windows means if you can start the PC and get to the Windows Advanced Startup Options. Click here.

More info here, it shows there that if you Reset your PC and select "clean the drive fully" it can take up to 10 hours!

I'd rather use the factory reset medium or the hidden partition.

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