how to uninstall linux ubuntu and install windows 7?

  Modern Hippie 01:46 17 Sep 2013

I had a friend who briefly showed me Ubuntu 13.04 and convinced me it was better than windows. He deleted my windows 7 ultimate and installed Ubuntu. I HATE it and want to go back. I have win7 disc and have tried to boot from the CD (yes,I did select boot order for this) but the disc never loads. I just get a black screen and now I am lost and my friend is overseas military and cannot help. Can you please help me? I am a newbie and would pretty much need step by step help. Thanks in advance.

  dms_05 08:42 17 Sep 2013

Use the Ubuntu installation DVD/CD as a 'Live' source of Ubuntu. Boot into Ubuntu from the Live CD (at worst you can download a copy of the Live Cd) and then select the Partitioning tool. Use this to repartition your hard disk to one partition and select it to format to NTFS. That should return you to your original hard disk configuration. Now turn off Ubuntu via the menu. Then reboot using your W7 DVD and it should install without any problems.

Your 'friend' could easily have installed Ubuntu as a dual boot with W7 and you could then have taken your pick of OS when you started at boot. Deleting W7 was a rather silly thing to do.

  Modern Hippie 12:49 19 Sep 2013

Thank you dms. It seems that it will work. Unfortunately, when my friend deleted my win7, he also deleted my HP drivers. Does this sound right to you? I downloaded all the drivers I should need for my compaq to my ubuntu, however, I cannot access these files when I try to install windows. Sadly, all of my cd/dvr's are full and apparently with ubuntu I need to write some code in order to delete the disk. Sigh. I am just going to buy new blank disks to copy the driver files to. But again, does this sound right or are the drivers I need still hiding somewhere on my laptop? Anyway, thanks for your response. And to anybody reading this - ubuntu (linux) os is designed for people with some basic coding skills. Also be wary of letting anyone but a trained professional work on your computer.


  rdave13 14:27 19 Sep 2013

As it's a laptop did you not burn the restore to factory settings discs? If not you should be able to get all your drivers from the HP site.

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