How to stop PC startup info on screen(not logo )

  platters 15:50 01 Apr 2016

Can some body please advise me on how to disable the info on screen at the pc startup so that it goes straight on to the signing in screen.Its not the logo=thats disabled, but the info following straight after that I am trying to hide on the motherboard.The motherboard is ASUS P7H55-M.I can access the motherboard with the delete button but I dont know where to go from there.

  alanrwood 16:18 01 Apr 2016

It won't help to disable the info. The Power On Self Test (POST) info can usually be set not to display in the BIOS but the processes will still be actioned so it will not speed anything up, you just lose the info display which sometimes is very useful if you have a problem.

  chub_tor 10:15 03 Apr 2016

Go to page 2-26 of the motherboard manual

Section 2.7.2 Boot Settings configuration

Quick Boot (Enabled) Enabling this item allows the BIOS to skip some power on tests....

Full Screen Logo (Enabled) Enables or disables the full screen logo display feature....

  platters 11:05 03 Apr 2016

Thanks evrybody for your replies.

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