How to stop mystery 'running installation'

  geccl 22:10 25 Sep 2015

I have a fairly new laptop with Windows 10. Currently whenever I try and install something, update the antivirus etc, it tells me that the installation cannot proceed because there is already an installation running. But as far as I know there aren't any installations going on and all the programs I've added have installed successfully. This has been going on for a few days. I've tried restarting the computer but this didn't help, and I couldn't identify what is installing from task manager.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:02 26 Sep 2015

In task manager look for any process of setup.exe or MSiexec.exe stop these items and retry.

  Forum Editor 08:33 26 Sep 2015

I recently experienced the same problem when trying to update an application. I did what Fruit Bat /\0/\ is suggesting, and found that Windows installer was running. I ended the task, and the update ran perfectly.

  geccl 11:29 26 Sep 2015

Just tried this and it fixed the problem, thanks!

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