How should I ban junk mail

  Glen 10:14 29 Jun 2017

I am receiving up to 10 emails each day concerning diet pills, using windows mail. These seem to come from world wide sources. Should I add them to the blocked senders list or add the domain to the blocked list. Or is there another solution. Glen

  Forum Editor 19:02 29 Jun 2017

10 spam emails a day is not a huge number - many people get three or four times that. I just delete junk mail on sight. You can obviously block domains if lots of mail comes from the same source.

  BT 08:41 30 Jun 2017

I've been getting these too mainly on OE but also on Live Mail. Unfortunately adding them to Blocked senders or marking them as Spam doesn't seem to work as they use the old trick of using different sources everytime. I find that these type of mails usually stop after a while.

I've also been getting lots of mails telling me that I have money in various accounts just waiting for me to access and withdraw it, as well as Job offers with amazing salaries.

  alanrwood 12:22 30 Jun 2017

I wish I only received 10 a day. In my case it is more like 100. I use Mailwasher to get rid of the majority before downloading the rest.

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