How to set new 2nd hard drive as my main one

  redmaaan 19:06 21 Jan 2017

I ran out of space on my old hdd so I bought a new 1tb one, I have successfully installed it and created a new volume for it. However now I want to effectively change priority of the hdds, so my new 1tb one takes the place of my old one, booting up things, having windows on it, storing the majority of my games and files (I want to use my old one for storing some games, but I don't know if they will run at the same speed as they had done while I only had my old hdd or will be faster as they are used through my new one). I installed windows 7 on my old hdd through a disk which I still have and installed windows 10 for free when this option was availible. So in summary I want to make it as if I'd had my new 1tb hdd originally and have just added my old one onto my system after.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 22 Jan 2017

Duplicate click here please stick to your thread in the helproom two threds will just casue confusion.

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