How to resurrect a ruined installation of Vista?

  Diemmess 10:29 09 Sep 2008

I have a friend who is an expert in his own field but knows little about computers.
He has a Medion desktop (Ex Aldi) with Vista home premium.

He telephoned me and said:
[All worked well for a while, updates installed as they came, until SP1 was installed.]

At this point the computer now boots for a short period but as soon as any attempt is made to explore the desktop or go online the PC freezes, loses all key/mouse control and has to be switched off.

I think he achieved some recovery by uninstalling SP1 and updates, but whatever he did or didn't do and that included re-stalling SP1, he is in a mess now.

He says he can boot and run in safe mode, but can do almost nothing in safe mode.

I have zero experience of Vista.

Please, some (single sentence) suggestions for methods he might try to to recover this damaged OS.

At this stage, please keep suggestions simple, because I am not going to pay him a visit and any advice will have to be passed to him by phone!

  anskyber 11:38 09 Sep 2008

He could try a Startup repair.
Start up repair Vista with the Vista DVD.
click here

Without the disc and If Startup Repair is a preinstalled recovery option on your computer.

click here

Then expand the section "how do I use Startup Repair?"

Most PCs have a reset to factory settings feature but that would involve obliterating any later installed programs and data loss without back up.

  cream. 13:35 09 Sep 2008

system restore in safe mode? click here

  Diemmess 18:06 10 Sep 2008

I saw him this am and handed him a printout of this thread plus one or two ideas of my own including how to join this forum!

Email out of the blue about 10 mins ago saying it was sorted after he followed cream's idea of using system restore in safe mode.
He says it all seems to run well again.
He chose eldest restore point (5 Days ago) and has been able to back up precious data.

Thank you both.

  cream. 17:48 11 Sep 2008

I am glad it has worked.

  peter99co 23:16 11 Sep 2008

Has he managed to reinstall SP1 or dare he not chance it?

  peter99co 23:19 11 Sep 2008

It may interest you to know that Microsoft have finally sorted out WMPlayer by updating my sound card driver. (An old post of mine) caused as a result of installing SP1

  Diemmess 12:29 16 Sep 2008

I had an email yesterday from Tony:-

[i spoke too soon the problem got worse. i could not boot up in safe mode
i phoned the Medion help line, they told me there was a known problem with bullguard anti-virus and that i should uninstall it
i said i couldn't boot up the computer in safe mode they said to try again but leave the compter alone.
this i did it took 25 minutes to boot up!!!
anyway the result was that it is now working perfectly (i hope)
its down to bullguard to sort the problem]

I posted this for what its worth thinking this is another example of needing lots of patience.
In fact if it appears frozen, go away and make some tea or grow a beard, but don't "rush things."

  peter99co 23:44 18 Sep 2008

I removed Bullguard from the outset.

Have you and he installed CCleaner yet?

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