How to reset PC without being able access your PC?

  BradMiser123 23:01 14 May 2017

Hi my name is Bradley and I've been having an issue with my computer. It's windows 10, was 8.1 when I bought the pc, Had it for 3 years, 8gb of ram, and 1TB of space. The problem I've been having is that when I login into my pc(the sign in part) it just freezes then blue screens. Like 4-9 seconds after I login. after researching the blue screen code found out that I have a malware virus in my PC. Then I tried installing Norton but now it shuts my PC down when I try to install it because when I login Norton is the first program running when I boot up my PC or when signing. I tried to boot my PC up in safe mode but I don't get the windows 10 start up menu to start up safe boot mode( I did do shift + restart). Second I tried hard resetting but my luck again the menu for that didn't show up it showed up for a split second then disappear. Then I went deeper went into my PC motherboard resetting the BIOS even taking out the battery for it and still nothing worked :(. My last option is to clean install but I don't know how to do that without signing into my PC. can I like reinstall Windows through my motherboard or some other way then trying to use Windows 10 trouble shoot options because I can't login into my computer. This is my last chance for hope before I take it to a PC repair store.

  Govan1x 23:13 14 May 2017

Have you tried starting it normally then shutting it down after 7 seconds by holding in the start button. Do that 3 or 4 times and a new page will open giving you different choices of what to do . Safe mode should be one of them.

  BradMiser123 02:00 15 May 2017

Yeah it's basically called a hard reset and it didn't work thanks for the help

  Bill8 04:46 15 May 2017

Couldn't you buy a usb drive and download an eraser program on to it?

Personally id buy a second hdd (cheap) place an os on it and use malwarebytes/AV on the drive to see if that works.

Let me know if you found a solution

  Archonar 08:58 15 May 2017

Use a usb stick (4gb +), plug it into another pc and download the windows 10 installation media. Plug it into the pc and boot from the usb. It will then give you the option to either reinstall windows (this will remove all of your data) or try and repair your current installation. If you're happy with reinstalling windows just go through the process and you should end up with a clean install.

  Archonar 08:59 15 May 2017

Apologies, wrong link: here is the download page

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