How to remove old system files

  mp47 10:35 08 Apr 2017

When I built my current pc four years ago, the virus scan counted about 200,000 files, now it's five or six million files. I know it's not the files I have saved, so the vast bulk must be system files. Is there a method or software that can clear a chunk of these files and hopefully speed up the running of the machine?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 08 Apr 2017

What virus scanner are you using?

Any files containing viruses will be contained in the quarantine area, you can delete files from the quarantine area.

Deleting system files will render the PC no bootable.

to have over a million virus infected files means you must have little protection and be visiting some dodgy sites.

  bremner 11:04 08 Apr 2017

I am guessing mp47 means the scanner used to scan 200,000 files now 6/7 million.

Are you possibly now scanning the entire computer rather than quick scan of locations likely to be infected?

  mp47 11:16 08 Apr 2017

I'm using Kaspersky total security. The number of files relates to a full scan each time. I have deleted the files that were quarantined by Kaspersky.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:16 08 Apr 2017

Are you scanning on boot up everytime?

  mp47 13:17 08 Apr 2017

Not every time, perhaps once a week.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:22 08 Apr 2017

System files don't increase.

You probably need to reduce the number of installed programs /apps things you no longer use use something like CCleaner to remove junk files and clean the registry

  wee eddie 14:28 08 Apr 2017

Could easily be a load of Duplicates. Again CCleaner could come to the rescue

  wee eddie 14:50 08 Apr 2017

Are you running a Backup?

  mp47 10:13 09 Apr 2017

There is a backup, but I have very rarely run it, I can only find one backup set stored there. I have gone through all the top level folders on the hard drive and added up the number of files listed in each, it came to less than 300,000.

  wee eddie 13:06 09 Apr 2017

Just a point. Having a backup on the same Drive as the Files it's backing up is pretty pointless. If the Drive fails, you've lost the lot anyway. You can delete that anyway.

Top have such a big jump in the number of files, suggests to me that something, somewhere, is duplicating them, again and again

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