How much Space does Vista use

  popgeoff 15:16 07 Aug 2008

Probably been asked a million times but couldn't find it. I have a Philips X57 laptop with Vista Ultimate installed. The hard disc has 87 gig and is showing available space of 52 gig. I haven't loaded much in the way of software. (Works,Skype,
Photoshope Elements 6.Norton Very few photos or files yet. I wonder if Vista takes an enormous amount of space to account for the amount used?

  anskyber 15:28 07 Aug 2008

I think it's about 15 Gigs. Vista does use a lot of space which increases in time for system restore.

It is possible to reduce the SR usage but if Vista sees that the HD is getting full it will relinquish SR space to general use.

  DippyGirl 16:03 07 Aug 2008

My Vista (HP) partition is 30Gb. Currently 11Gb free
Program Files about $Gb. No data No Page files etc Hasnt had much attention recently

  skidzy 20:54 07 Aug 2008

Your problem is System Restore,follow these tips to regain your free space click here

  aquatarkus 13:56 08 Aug 2008

it's not only system restore, there is also a folder winsxs which gets bigger and bigger and bigger,(it's something to do with program compatibility) not affected by system restore the more you install the bigger it gets you can't delete it or remove files from it.
its not to clever if you start of with a 100 gig drive and after a year you end up with something like 15gig free, which is what just happend to a friends pc and he hadn't istalled loads of programs. hopefully its something MS will look in to

  popgeoff 14:49 08 Aug 2008

Thanks to all for the information. Come back XP all is forgiven !

  skidzy 18:49 08 Aug 2008

Regarding the winsxs folder,it is recommended you do NOT try to remove/relocate/delete any of its contents.

Mine is currently at around 7.5GB and not a great deal on the machine.

This will help you understand a little better regarding the winsxs folder click here

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