How much disc space should I keep

  wescliff 13:08 23 Sep 2018

New laptop has a 256gb SSD. I've been used to a lot more than that so will need to be careful. Probably how long is a piece of string, but could do with some advice as to how much free space is needed for the six monthly Windows 10 new versions. It doesn't have an option to delete the old version first, which is a pain as the space that will take has to be allowed for until I can get into the system and get rid of it. Gratefull for any help.

  wescliff 14:28 23 Sep 2018

Thanks, I was planning to leave 60gb so should be OK.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:58 23 Sep 2018

Leaving more empty space on an SSD leaves more room for the SSD's wear levelling algorithms to shift data around, which may help to increase the drive's lifespan. Note this is less of a problem now than it was in the early days of SSDs.

  Legit Labs 23:48 23 Sep 2018

Windows will automatically reserve some extra space for you so you don't really have to worry about it. For example, Windows will put GB's spare that you can't see, so when it appears as though it is full, that is not including the additional space Windows has restored for the sake of keeping things safe.

If you really want to look after the hard drive, then you'll want to keep about 10-15%, though I'm sure even experts would debate that. I just remember reading that somewhere and it was what I trusted most when I did the research.

But it doesn't matter too much because even if you don't keep lots of space spare, the hardware should still last longer than you plan on keeping the computer for -- say 20 years-ish (or at least 10 if you're on it most of the day).

  wescliff 10:56 24 Sep 2018

Thank you, I wondered where the missing space was.

  BT 08:46 26 Sep 2018

If I was worrying about this I would be seriously considering some extra storage.

  netgearsupport 09:36 03 Oct 2018

I've heard using HD to capacity is bad. Is there a rule of thumb one can use to have a good idea of how much space you should keep free? 10% maybe?

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