How to get tons of exact file I want frokm my PC

  artner0112 10:07 20 Aug 2018


I have like millions of Jpgs on my PC. These are all in the same Driver but seperated in all different folders such as Food folder and Holiday foler and so on.

Now I want to get about 1000 or 2000 pictures out from my PC and give it to my friends. And I know the EXACT file name for each pictures I want so I "could" do a file search on the Windows Explorer (Win+E) and get each file that way. Doing it over and over thousands of time.

But I dont want to. And since I know the EXACT file name I want. And the Jpgs are all in my PC. Is there a software or a method that I can use to just insert the file names I want in a list form and the software extracts (preferably copies) that exact file in a designated folder.

I also want to do the same thing to my Mp3 collection too. Thanks

  lotvic 11:37 21 Aug 2018

Here you go: a script for copying certain files to a new location click here

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