How to get rid of Windows 10

  Border View 10:21 30 Apr 2017

In 2014 I bought a new laptop running with Windows 7. I don’t use the laptop very much. Last year Windows 10 installed itelf, but I thought I’ll give it a go. Biggest mistake of my life.

I’ve spent the last 48 hours trying to update Windows 10. It took 3 hours to download an update 1607. The download was successful but the installation failed – twice. Now it tells me to complete the installation I need to restart. When I do this it goes into a never ending loop of “restarting” or “getting Windows ready”. After hours I end up powering down.

I’ve also discovered that the onboard camera doesn’t work. “Ooops something went wrong” and an error code.

That’s it enough, is enough. When I got the laptop, because it came with a preloaded operating system and no actual disc, I did a complete backup. I have the four discs all labelled and an extra one labled apps??

How do I get rid of Windows 10 and revert my laptop to the way it was when it was delivered. Never in the 17 years I’ve worked with computers have I been as frustrated as I am with this total rubbish

  Govan1x 10:24 30 Apr 2017

Back to factory settings should take you back to W7 if that was on your laptop at the time.

Wait for more replies before you even attempt it.

  Border View 10:29 30 Apr 2017

Thanks for responding. I would need step by step instructions on how to do that.

  BRYNIT 14:45 30 Apr 2017

If the disk you have are the the recovery disks created when you first got the laptop go to the manufacturers web site and download the manual it should tell you how to use the disks to restore the laptop back to factory default. You might find from the manual that you may have a recovery partition on the laptop and pressing an F key on boot may get you into the recovery menu to restore back to factory default.

  Border View 20:58 30 Apr 2017

Thank you for responding BRYNIT. I am pleased to say that my laptop is an Acer. I was able to revert to factory settings without the use of the discs using the Acer Management tool. It was quite straight forward and did require patience but I got there in the end. My laptop is now rid of Windows 10 and running Windows 7 professional. I am a lot happier and feel in control of my computer once again.

The only really lengthy part of it all was the 145 Windows 7 updates which required downloading and installing. All done with the exception of 2 which I shall look at tomorrow.

Thank you all. Hope this helps others.

  Forum Editor 23:18 30 Apr 2017

"Never in the 17 years I’ve worked with computers have I been as frustrated as I am with this total rubbish"

Having a bad experience, frustrating as it was, doesn't make Windows 10 'total rubbish'. More people are using Windows 10 than Windows 7 (or any other Windows version), and that certainly isn't because it's total rubbish.

Had you posted asking for help with your problem we would have been able to offer advice - I'm sure the problem could have been resolved.

  Govan1x 00:32 01 May 2017

Maybe because it was free FE and of course if you buy a new computer it has W10 on it and you do not have a choice as they are doing away with W7.

Unfortunately I have to agree with Border View but maybe not total rubbish. W8 was total rubbish and W10 is just an update of that.

I think W10 had to be free as even Microsoft must have known that nobody would actually have bought it.

That's my yearly rant over again for another year I just don't like W10.

  mole44 07:02 01 May 2017

As usual i shall add my for what it's worth Border View do a clone of your disc on a regular basis,to a couple of drives then if you have a pear shaped moment a drive swap is easier than a reinstall.

  hssutton 15:02 01 May 2017

Mole something I have been doing since W10 release. Certainly saved me a lot of hassle in the early days as I had my fair share of crashes. Must admit the last few updates and there have been many, last one on Sunday (I'm on the fast ring)Have not been a problem, now on v1703

  Menzie 01:00 03 May 2017

I mostly like Windows 10, for the free upgrade from 7 it's a great price. However one pet peeves I have with the OS is that major updates can remove applications.

This happened in the past with programs like CPU-Z.

My PC did a major update on Sunday night and last night I noticed that my shutdown application is missing.

I don't mind it being removed if there were incompatibility issues but a heads up would be nice. There were no issues before so odd that it suddenly would.

In the end I created a script which shut down the PC after 45 mins.

I fall asleep with my PC playing an episode of something on Netflix so like it to shut itself down by the time I've nodded off.

  Forum Editor 08:41 03 May 2017

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