how to get rid of the com surrogate (dllhost.exe) virus

  rhiggins023 01:28 11 Nov 2014

Hello, I've got a virus and i have tried almost everything to get rid of it. Here's what happens: When I start the computer, everything works fine until about 2 minutes in until it starts to slow down. The task manager shows that "explorer.exe" taking up 1,000,000K of memory and 50% of my cpu. I close it, and it just comes back about a minute later. Earlier, the image name was showing up as "dllhost.exe" and the description was Com Surrogate. Can someone tell me how to get rid of this virus?

  spuds 07:56 11 Nov 2014

Having just done a Google search, there seems to be quite a number of possible solutions to this problem. Here's one possibility click here

  alicelouis 09:58 11 Nov 2014

Sometimes you may notice that your system browser is redirected to random web sites that are full of commercial ads and sponsored links. it completely mess up system working. My PC got infected with adwareinfection, to remove such infection go to :

click here

  spuds 10:11 11 Nov 2014


Notice this is your first post on this forum!.

Your link seems to want some translating to an English language. Unless it might be my computer?.

  Nasumi 08:41 20 Jan 2015

Have you get rid of it yet? If not, you can try follow the removal guides by clicking here.

Do note that you should remoe it in time. It can not only take up high computer resources but also damage your system. Do let it mess up your computer. 1]: [click here

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