How to get lovely windows 7 sound schemes back in windows 8?

  Jwbjnwolf 00:32 28 Jan 2013

Is there anyway I can get the amazing windows 7 sound schemes back into windows 8? I see there is all the folders but they are all empty. The only one thing I love with windows 7 over windows 8 is the sound schemes, mostly the guitar strum sound theme (can't remember what the name is). I've downloaded from deviant art the full load of sounds as in each of their folders but drag and drop each to each folder won't get them put back. Surely there is a way to get them back? As I just LOVE that guitar sound scheme. Every time I'd log in and hear that strum it was absolutely beautiful.

Other than missing this feature I LOVEEEE windows 8!!


(P.s: put the below after the above so if you don't want to read through all of it the above is getting straight to the point as I know I do often go into too much detail lol)


I have windows 8 installed in bootcamp set up with parallels so I can take advantage of both worlds. Assigned 8gb ram to it in parallels and then in bootcamp obviously full sack 16gb. For someone who was moving away from windows, who was gonna be like "bye bye windows, hello apple forever", Windows 8 has literally blew me over. I've been really pleased ever since the developer preview on my netbook, and I've now switched windows 8 into the configuration I just said on my mac (Lubuntu on my netbook now). The main reason I switched it was so I can take full advantage of windows 8, see how amazing it works the apps etc, and I'm just blown over. Not even with the iOS App Store have I been like "WOW" "WOW" "damn I gotta get that" "wow" "oh my goodness" "this is amazing", but that's how I've been with the windows store apps, my favourite app so far being fruit ninja which I enjoy much better with my mouse on the big screen compared to my finger on my iPod or iPad.

That £20 (or what ever the price was adding in the DVD) was such money well spent in my opinion. Hope that Microsoft do the same thing that they done with windows 8 with windows 9 as if windows 9 follows suite just as well performing as windows 8 then windows 9 certainly will have me as another customer. :D


Jase Wolf

  Jwbjnwolf 00:38 28 Jan 2013

P.s: if you wanna change the background on the start screen check this out...

First time I tried couldn't get to work but now it works PERFECTLY

  Jwbjnwolf 16:11 28 Jan 2013

How often is spam going on now on the forums then? :/ my last post had the same message "spam from .... FE informed". And then ages after when I make my next post I get the same thing (only response), what did they say? :/

Anyways, ima gonna try to do it manually and post some nest ructions on my website if do it successfully and post back here so if anyone is interested they can look through. I do know how to do it manually and I'm guessing now that that's how I will have to do it, no simpler solution so I will have a play around and report back hopefully with a guide or something so that others can do it quickly as I am certain there is a lot of you who would also like these sounds back.


  Jwbjnwolf 16:13 28 Jan 2013

Instructions* dunno why typed nest structions lol.

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