How to force download of Vista SP1

  funkey_monkey 16:40 18 Oct 2008


I'm going to install Vista SP1 and was wondering how I get Windows Update to force it down. I've fixed a laptop which had an issue with this and now I want to ensure that it has downloaded correctlbefore I pass it back to it's owner.

Also, what is the key/code for SP1? I would check the downloads it has already brought but I don't know how to recognice SP1. Certainly none of the name sfor the downloads mention SP1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  brundle 17:53 18 Oct 2008

If it's not showing in Auto Updates you may need to update the audio drivers for the PC or ensure that a few prerequisite updates are already installed; click here

No keycode for SP1...not sure what you mean. Go to start orb, type


press Return, the window that opens will tell you if SP1 is present.

Download the entire package; click here

If you install it without checking the audio drivers for compatibility first you could end up with time-consuming problems - it takes a fairly long time for the service pack to install and uninstall.

  funkey_monkey 18:12 18 Oct 2008

The keycode is K936330.

Can I not get Windows JUpdate to DL it for me instead of taking the large stand alone item.

  funkey_monkey 18:16 18 Oct 2008

I ran the winver check. It does not state SP1, although another laptop which I have does have the SP1 indication.

When I check for updates there is no indication that SP1 is needed.

Why is SP1 not being picked up by Windows Update???

  Pine Man 10:53 19 Oct 2008

If SP1 is not being picked up by Windows Update it is because your computer contains hardware and/or software drivers that are incompatible.

I would recommend AGAINST downloading the full SP1 package as you could mess up your system and have to uninstall it. I tried it several times and it never worked properly

It is only within the last couple of weeks that I have been offered, and accepted, SP1 by Windows Update and that did work.

  funkey_monkey 19:51 19 Oct 2008

I'll not bother with it then. Updates is not picking it up and I don't want to muck up the system by forcing it down.

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