How to fix mouse scroll issue?

  souravjns 05:12 07 Jan 2019

Hello friends, I am having an issue with my mouse. It was working properly. I just renewed my Windows 7 OS by install it. After that, my mouse scroll is not working. So I need help.

Please don't suggest me to search on google. I have already done so, and can't fix the issue. So please give me some working solution.



  wee eddie 08:41 07 Jan 2019

Have you tried reinstalling its Drivers

  lotvic 12:08 07 Jan 2019

I notice you have posted same query on at least two other forums.

Is mouse wired or wireless? What is make and model of mouse? What is make and model of pc? What have you already tried? What does Device Manager say about mouse? My crystal ball tells me to ask for more details so that time and effort will not be wasted suggesting things that have already been tried to no effect.

  souravjns 02:03 08 Jan 2019

Hi, Thanks to everyone for being concerned on my issue. My problem have been solved. I was just installed wrong driver DVD, so the problem occurs.

Yes "lotvic" you are right. I was posted about the issue on a different forum. Just asking to know, does this prohibited to ask similar issue on different forum? Actually I was on a rush to fix that issue, so I did that.

  lotvic 23:55 08 Jan 2019

No problem, just noticed it when looking.

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