How Epensive is Your PC to Run?

  Chr1st0pher 14:18 21 Jun 2010

I was a bit shocked when I saw my electricity bill!

I was even more shocked when using my free power meter from British Gas to find that one of the biggest culprits was my wonderful new PC!

Would you turn on a chandelier with 7 100watt bulbs in it to read your mail?

I did, at least that is what I do each time I use my PC to browse the web or read my email! Would you buy a turbo V8 to go shopping in?

My PC only has a 700 watt PSU, some of the latest ones have up to 1500 watt!!!!

Needless to say, I now use my wifes laptop for everything other than games as it only uses about 90 watts or so.

Please bear this in mind when planning your next build or buy or upgrade. Like printers, buying them is relatively easy, running them at todays energy prices is something else.

  sunnystaines 14:27 21 Jun 2010

how did you get this free gadget from british gas?

we have brit gas for both gas & electric supplies and they have not offered one.

  Chr1st0pher 14:52 21 Jun 2010

Hi Sunnystaines

They rang me to ask about different tarrifs etc and at the end they said the meter was available also one of those multi sockets that allows you to turn of several thing at once instead of leaving them on standby. It took them about a month to arrive but they were free of charge.

On reflection it may have been because I asked about anything they could offer to help with disabled people, "my wife".

They also said it was a special offer at the time! ould have been a push to either retain existing or get new customers.

I think I have seen an advert on TV for similar but I am not sure if it was B/Gas.

Try logging on to cust sevices?

  I am Spartacus 15:40 21 Jun 2010

If it's drawing 700W when you're checking email something is wrong. It might have a 700W PSU but it only draws the power it needs.

  anniesboy 17:58 21 Jun 2010

I have an Owl electricity monitor next to my PC on powering up ,usage increases by about 80 watts.

  cheap to fix 22:22 21 Jun 2010

I would be intrested to find out the exact costs on your 700w pc per day?

I use a 1000W pc for gaming, but I use my netbook for everyday work, I game once a day for couple of hours but I certainly don't use it for normal stuff mainly because its for gaming and editing.

  Sbrads 18:03 25 Jun 2010

I've measured my home brew Core2Duo setup as drawing 75W usually, sometimes it peaks at 110w depending. That's with a 520w PSU.

  rdave13 21:44 26 Jun 2010

Nothing compared to a tumble dryer. Even a washing machine is nothing compared to a tumble dryer. Anything with a fan and a heating element is expensive. A PC has a circuit that needs cooling with 12 cm or most often 8cm fans.

  961 20:19 29 Jun 2010

If you set your computer power options you'll find it uses less power than you imagine. The size of the psu has nothing to do with it

Much is used by the monitor. If you set the monitor to close after 5 mins inactivity you'll generally save about 50-70 watts on that alone

If you set the computer to sleep or hibernate after a certain time it will use even less

And remember it uses power all the time, even when turned off. And the router

Switch the circuit off at the wall plug and you'll like as not save 5-10 watts each hour overnight

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