How does one remove certified-toolbar search ?

  mtarfa 11:11 12 Nov 2012

How does one get rid of certified-toolbar search - I have been told it is malware. I can't find the toolbar in install/unistall control panel and I cannot reset my homepage as this toolbar has become dominant. i have purchased and tried using spy hunter software but this has not picked up the toolbar. Spybot \and kapersky have not identified it either. Any advicewill be appreciated.

  Nontek 11:34 12 Nov 2012
  xania 11:44 12 Nov 2012
  mtarfa 21:19 18 Nov 2012

Thanks for all the information. I'm using firefox. I've tried & bought Spyhunter however it hasn't found the infection and I've tried malwarebytes free version. Neither has identified the certified-toolbar search. The toolbar does not show up when I check toolbars and there is no url in options. I'll try the last suggestion now!

  lotvic 01:21 22 Jan 2013

StevieD67 you should really have started your own new Thread with your problem (even though it is about the same thing) I have put my advice here but it would be better if you still have problems to respond by starting your own thread and not post on this old one. The OP 'mtarfa' will be getting an email notification every time someone responds to you, and that's not very fair.

I found this in the eula for Certified Toolbar

To uninstall an Add Ons from your Internet Explorer do as follows: Open your computer's Control Panel then select "Add or Remove Programs", Find "Add Ons" in the list of installed applications and click on it, Click on the "Change/Remove" button

Let us know if that is how it is listed and if you get rid of it. Or start your own new thread (click on Ask a Question) if you still have problems.

  lotvic 00:45 23 Jan 2013

StevieD67 You may have W7, but you haven't said which Browser you are using. You will find "Manage Add ons" in your browser not in control panel | Add/Remove.

There is heck of a lot more to getting rid of search-certified hijack than just the toolbar and it differs a bit for each browser. (and there's cookies and registry entries etc. as well)

Anyway the full instructions to try are on one of the links posted by xania last November so hope you manage to get rid of it one way or another :)

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