How do you use the Edit/Select All Feature?

  ClaudiaMThompson 07:55 29 Aug 2013

In Windows 8, when I open up a folder like my Artwork Folder, I cannot seem to find the same feature as I had in Windows XP where I could go Edit/Select All so that I can move my pictures or files from one place to another? How can I use that feature in Windows 8? It saves a lot of time instead of individually selecting each picture or file one at a time.

  ClaudiaMThompson 07:57 29 Aug 2013

I just have to say that in Windows 8 it seems like they try to hide everything, which makes it very frustrating. Its like they want everything to look nice, and forget that you actually have to USE this stuff every day, and it needs functionality too!

  Zeppelyn 12:22 29 Aug 2013

I have the ribbon tab hidden by default but in Windows Explorer or File Explorer as its called in Win 8 click the Home tab then when the ribbon becomes visible you will see Select All on the right hand side.

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