How do i view what type of memory i have? (RAM)

  Midgar7 22:49 04 May 2017

I've used a few guides to try and find out but they don't seem to work. I've looked for it through "system" in control panel to no luck. I've tried using the command interface using "wmic". Under "type" it says 0. Which apparently means unknown. And i've tried using the task manager to see it. But i'm being asked to click buttons that don't seem to exist for me.

Any tips? I want to know because my Laptop has an extra memory port not being used. I want to get another card to increase my total memory. To avoid compatibility issues with the motherboard, (because i'm not an expert) i was just going to look into getting another one of the one i already have.

At this rate i'll have to open it up to physically see it and read it. I'm using Windows 7.

  wee eddie 23:03 04 May 2017


  lotvic 00:56 05 May 2017

Here's the link click here download Crucial's scanner and run it (it's free and safe)

  Belatucadrus 16:03 05 May 2017

You could also try RAMExpert

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