How do I Remove a Password from a File

  griffon56 17:59 12 Oct 2014

Hi Everyone,

I set a password for a file a long time ago, how, I can't remember! but now it is not relevant and I can't find anywhere how to remove it. You'd think MS would make it obvious wouldn't you?! Can anyone tell me where to find setting passwords for files etc.?

The computer is a Packard-Bell Media D2525UK running Win 7 with Word 2007 as part of Office. I've tried Windows Help but it isn't listed.



  BRYNIT 19:12 12 Oct 2014

"Can anyone tell me where to find setting passwords for files etc.?"

A little more info would help.

What type of file? Are you trying to delete the file or just remove the password?

Note: a password is there to protect the file unless you know the password you cannot remove it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 12 Oct 2014
  AroundAgain 21:11 12 Oct 2014

On the understanding that you know the password, as far as I know, to remove password of a file/document, open file with password and Save As without password.

Then up to you whether you delete the original or not - but maybe check the newly saved file opens OK first.

  wee eddie 14:23 13 Oct 2014

Removal of Password, makes Password pointless

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